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Hi *waves* I was searching thru google (since it won't let me search for comm. on livejouranl) for Yu Yu Hakusho community, and better yet i found an anime one ^^

My name is Dani *thinks time for introduction* and i'm 20 yrs old... LOVES anime-- although only recently got into it, i wanna see all there is, and read all there is ^^ I have yet to read a manga, but currently I would really like my first manga to be InuYasha. I'm currently infactuated (for better lack of word) with Yu Yu Hakusho & InuYasha... and of course i'm still loving DBZ... Um... i donno what else to say, since i kinda stink at introductions and before i ramble pointlessley... ok ok... i shall go now, ciao! Sayonara! O.o;;
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