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Astro Boy: Tetsuwan Atomu! [18 Nov 2009|07:43am]

✩ credit: theidolhands
✩ comments appreciated
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improbable, isn't it. [22 Sep 2005|04:56pm]


welcome to the mojoverse

thing about government is,
everybody talks about it but

nobody can do anything about
it. right? ain't that right DICK.

"You shut up."

"Shut up."Just give it up. you are wasting
your time. no one really cares what

you think and if they do --
so what.  we RULE and we're supposed to

and even if we aren't WE

we are liars. You can't do
anything about it or pin any thing on

us. NOBODY CARES what you
THINK and that's the way of the world,

little boy, that's the way
of the world.  

Doesn't that make you feel
small? pathetic, that's the way you and

people like you who don't

small and powerless and in
your place -- on your knees, your backs

bent to hard labor so that
I can wake up... and enjoy sausages. 

Mmm...sausages. heart..."

the font used for the main body of
this satire (!) is Times New Roman.

quit harping on the same
tired themes.  no one cares what you

think, do or say anyway  I AM

nothing, weakand stupid, you

Just give it up. WE RULE. And no
one will ever be able to change that.  hey, stop hitting me. Ow!"

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[05 Nov 2004|08:13am]

another shameless plugCollapse )


[08 Apr 2004|08:49am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

no one has said much in here for months....
rub the hibernation out of your eyes and come start a conversation....
anyone seen any new anime??
what are your favorites and why???
anyone seen gunslinger girls or hibane or niea under 7??
what do u all think about them??
dont be shy!! come on out of bed and speak up!!!
rise and shine
its spring and its beautiful!!


Inu Yasha Role Play [16 Dec 2003|02:32pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Like InuYasha? Want to live the experience? Travel back into time in the newly established community fukai_morai.

Nearly all characters are open. If you are interested, contact the Mod about which character you would like.

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Hi de ho all [17 Sep 2003|01:48pm]

Hi I'm new to this comm and anime .... Just went to see spirited away this week and was bowled over... I now have a thirst for more ... Hope some of you experts can give me some 's guidance on what's good and what's not

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Invite! [16 Apr 2003|07:26pm]

Dear Inuyasha fans,

I, like you, am quite interested in the anime and decided to start a role-playing community. theinufiles is a brand new community, no entries have been written yet and a few slight adjustments are still being made before actually starting the RPG. In this community, you will be allowed to act out the show as a character from the anime.
Feel free to have a look at the personal profile of the community and if you would like to join, please email me (You will find this in my personal profile) I'm not here to take you away from any other communities, just to spread the word. Thanks for your time!



cool music! [04 Mar 2003|08:10pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

i just bought this today and just like to share it with everyone! i suggest you buy it if you liked the music from the music video. this shit rocks!!!

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cool video [03 Mar 2003|10:00pm]


i found this cool FFX-2 music video today. i hope you guys enjoy it. cant wait for ffx-2. well thats my update for today, later days.


Intro Thread. [06 Feb 2003|03:02pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hey everyone *Waves* I don't know what to say in this intro post so heres hoping this is ok.

I have been into Anime and Manga for a long time now, I like all kinds of anime and I don't have one set Favorite anime Genre or Anime, I more or less go by my favorite anime at this point in time. Which has got to be Weiß Kreuz. I guess thats about it so, bye *Runs away*



inuyasha rocks! [20 Jan 2003|11:28pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Today's episode was awsome, its one of the best episodes yet, its a good thing that Adult Swim changed the its schedule and made inuyasha and yu yu hakusho mon - thurs. the bad thing is its late a night, and i have school tomorrow so its kinda hard to wake up specially since its winter, its ok though i have direct tv so i can get it 3 hours ahead of time sucks for you guys who have cable :D thats it for today. later days.

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~Newbie~ [16 Dec 2002|05:18am]

Hi *waves* I was searching thru google (since it won't let me search for comm. on livejouranl) for Yu Yu Hakusho community, and better yet i found an anime one ^^

My name is Dani *thinks time for introduction* and i'm 20 yrs old... LOVES anime-- although only recently got into it, i wanna see all there is, and read all there is ^^ I have yet to read a manga, but currently I would really like my first manga to be InuYasha. I'm currently infactuated (for better lack of word) with Yu Yu Hakusho & InuYasha... and of course i'm still loving DBZ... Um... i donno what else to say, since i kinda stink at introductions and before i ramble pointlessley... ok ok... i shall go now, ciao! Sayonara! O.o;;


Final Fantasy X-2 [20 Nov 2002|08:14pm]

[ mood | excited ]

A side of Yuna we thought we would never see!


Sweeeeeet! [16 Nov 2002|08:51pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Yayyyy! Tonight on Cartoon Network: Inuyasha and YuYu Hakusho!!!! Sweeeeet :-x

I love those shows.... Im gonna watch them tonight. I bet DcoolRPG is gonna watch them too, I know he likes them.


check out these images. [14 Nov 2002|06:32pm]


Check out the new RYOKO!!

Kiriko Masaki hmm masaki maybe tenchis daughter?

Yamada Seina i gues his the new tenchi


Some anime sites you should check out. [14 Nov 2002|06:08pm]

Here are some sites to held you decorate your desktop:

Anime Theme - i dont even know why i posted this you probably know about it already.

Anime Wallpapers - another site you probably already know.

Anime Music Videos - has some of the best AMV's out there. Alot of your fave anime's are here so check it out

more to come later on
-later days.


helllooooo [12 Nov 2002|08:26pm]

well the community is shaping up pretty well, the site should be up soon, be on the look out for that. thats it for today.
-later days


Welcome [11 Nov 2002|03:13pm]

Welcome to Anime Mages, a journal about any types of Anime. The community owners are Cerberuslabs and DcoolRPG.

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